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Emerson - Offshore Marine

Visualising marine control and monitoring technologies via a real-time 3D sales configurator

Emerson Marine has hundreds of combinations of products that their customers can choose from in order to ensure high-quality marine control and monitoring. This process can be both complicated and time-consuming for the salesperson as well as a potential customer. Emerson’s current online library contains models of their products that are not homogenous.

This is where adesso and Emerson started a journey of digitalisation. A large number of their products have been created into homogenous 3D models (both exterior and interior) and are currently being integrated into a sales tool.

Here is an example of one of their products showcased as an interactive real-time 3D model that can also be viewed in Augmented Reality. 

Emerson’s digital transformation was decided upon through an Inspiration Day, a concept inspired by the Design Sprint. This day helped in planning the journey of digital transformation and the ultimate goal i.e. a real-time 3D sales tool.

Together with Emerson, we decided on a real-time 3D sales tool

Gaining insights from our Inspiration Day, we created a sales tool that provides a 3D visualisation of their products’ interior as well as exterior. During this task, we were provided with heavy engineering CAD models that we converted into real-time 3D models. 

Development with data scientist

This sales tool now allows the customers to make alterations to the product they wish to buy; they can change the colour, the size, and choose from a large selection of combinations, among others. Furthermore, once the product is selected, there is also a possibility to digitally view it in Augmented Reality.

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