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Edge – a brand new customer-loyalty service with Plexian

Flexible and cost-effective way with AWS

Flexible and cost-effective way with AWS

With the solution Edge is Plexian filling a gap in the market for solutions of loyalty and there is an attractive market with great potential. To be able to offer the best service they wanted the solution to be scalable and technically mature. A number of suppliers were involved in the selection process but the choice fell on AWS’s platform where the benefits were many; they offered a flexible and scalable solution with great maturity in AWS’s services compared to the competitors, you also got access to a variety of technical solutions. 

The challenge for Plexian was to keep the costs down at the same time as the solution should be scalable and in the forefront of the technical, this was successful according to Markus Bergkvist, Solutions Architect. Markus came along early on in the project and has helped Plexian build on the APIs and the basic structure that already existed, as Campaign Manager and Cashback Accounting. Markus has also developed the back-end system that handles transactions and cashbacks.

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”We have worked very agile and have managed to keep the spendings down, no hardware has needed to be purchased because of the fact that everything is serverless. It is a great advantage with AWS and we have been able to turn quickly during the project when needed, simply immense flexibility”, continues Markus Bergkvist, one of the 4 developers in the project.   

>> adesso has been a fantastic parter for a long time. They are dedicated in their work and towards us as customers, and we have together developed a long-term plan and vision for the project. Thanks to adesso have we been able to find new and modern solutions with AWS, who help us on the market and allows us to grow. The solution “Serverless” is both cost-effective and very scalable, which was our top priority during the beginning of the project.

Peter Kaiser, CFO Plexian

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