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Veltuff - Workwear

Veltuff’s workwear showcased in a web-based Digital Showroom

Veltuff specialises in workwear for various industries, which is why their catalogues are of utmost importance to them. Due to this, they spend a lot of money on photoshoots and wanted to find ways to optimise this yearly spending.

Initially, they wanted to install a touchscreen Virtual Mirror at their office, where a person could stand in front and try out a classic Veltuff workwear outfit.

Postponed due to the Covid-19, adesso helped Veltuff create a virtual showroom where customers from all over the world could try out various outfits on a 3D mannequin.

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Embedded directly in their website, Veltuff now has a digital showroom where a large variety of their clothes can be tried on using 3D interactive mannequins. These mannequins are available in both male and female forms and are animated to walk, squat or stand. This showroom gives incoming and existing customers the chance to see what the clothes will look like when their employees are wearing them.

Together with Veltuff, we decided on a Digital Showroom

Given the task at hand, adesso created 3D models of all of the selected clothes from scratch. Each of the clothes were available in various colour combinations and were tailored to both male and female forms. Following the 3D modelling of the clothes, the 3D interactive mannequins were also animated to stand, squat and walk, in order to show the movement of the clothes. The showroom is hosted directly on their website using the WebGL format.

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