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adesso is a Select Consulting Partner with Amazon AWS and has worked actively with AWS Cloud since 2012. We help our customers to find the right and best solution, as well as the most efficient one for their specific need. We perform and support you in everything from complete cloud migration to the development of small, super efficient serverless solutions.

We are super flexible and extremely good at what we do

At adesso, we always give that little extra and are not so insanely square. We take care of you during your entire journey to or in the cloud, whether it’s a pure relocation of virtual servers or a complete rebuild. We can be a purely advisory support or simply complete the entire assignment from beginning to end and beyond.

Development of serverless solutions or maybe data analysis? Oh yeah!

There are a few things we are so passionate about as development in AWS. We are incredibly talented at serverless solutions for both business systems and pure web applications. We do not stop there though – we have made IoT solutions, Big Data analysis and Machine Learning, amongst many other things.


Can you run the entire application without a server? Yes you can, and we think you should do that as much as possible! It’s extremely cost-effective and maintenance-wise more efficient. We can do this in our sleep!

Databases and Data analysis

Even if it’s about moving individual databases to the cloud, creating brand new solutions or analyzing big – or small – amounts of data, we have the experience and the people to handle it. We love data!

Cloud Security

Security is a tremendously important part of a successful cloud investment and nothing to take lightly. With our solid experience, we can help you to assess and secure both new and old setups. 

IoT - Internet of Things

IoT is the new black, or Purple. “Everything should be connected” – and we agree. To collect data or communicate between devices is something we do every day. Let us handle that, while you do what you do best.


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Markus Hartsmar
AWS Sales and Partner Lead

I’m the one you should talk to if you want to discuss further about how we at adesso can, in the best way, help your move or further develop your solutions within AWS. Fill out the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible!


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