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Software Engineering at adesso

Software Engineering at adesso

It is about more than just programming – software development at adesso is a holistic engineering process. It includes requirements engineering, system design, programming, quality assurance and project management. We offer everything from single hours programming to outsourced teams or or the handling of entire software projects.

Matching technologies and flexible methods

adesso generally has a vendor-neutral approach, which means that, depending on the requirements, we use whatever technologies are best suited to the task. Our technologies and methods are flexible, and they are as diverse as our clients. And our team is very skilled at programming on everything from databases to app development.

Our competencies at a glance

We don’t always answer “We can do it!” as many of our competitors do, but if we answer “We can do it!”, then we can do it for real!

Are you looking for a special competence? Then here are some of our “superpowers”:
  • We know most databases, such as Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres, MongoDB, DynamoDB and many more. We also have competence in overlaying storage where application servers are often referred to as Apache, Tomcat, Turbine, Torque and JBoss to name a few.
  • When it comes to programming, our strongest card is Java, even though we also did some great customer cases with .NET in the past. But Java, JavaScript and Open Source solutions are really our thing.
  • Here at adesso, we have a design team and we have our own UX designers who can also program. Given that, we also offer app- and web development we think that we can call ourselves fullstack for real. We make apps in Android Java, Objective-C, React Native, Xamarin and Appcelerator to name a few. We build interactive portals in PHP, JavaScript (React.js and AngularJS for example).

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